RAIN the Bestower

by Carolyn Hillyer

Dancer for beltane. She nourishes the budding year with secrets given generously from her full and open bowl. She is that which binds fierce fury to sweet passion, both the offer and the gift. Flower petals dripping from the ends of silver horns, a single drop of fertile light that falls to touch the earth. Her dance is an orgasm, dangerous intimacy and the union of two. All this she dances in a place where fires are fed and waters are taken deeply during the Night of Stags.


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Price: £7.00

Additional Information

The original was painted 2002-2004 and are 6 ft/180 cms high x 2 ft/60 cms wide,
acryllic on board plus many textiles and organic materials.
Exhibited in installations during 2004-2010.
The print is on A4 (31×21 cms) heavy art card.