We welcome you to this website, to the hearth fire of our ancestor roundhouse and to this place of wild sanctuary on Dartmoor. We live and work in the heart of the southwest moors, amid the high hills, upland streams and misted valleys. We create music albums and concerts, books and paintings, traditional flutes and drums, women’s workshops and instrument making weekends, small festivals and gentle gatherings on our ancient farm. Within these pages you are able to listen to audio samples from our music, wander around our recent releases and new publications, find out about the events programme or explore the archive of videos and slide shows from past projects (under About Us). Our music label Seventh Wave Music pages are marked with a spiral, our publishing house Braided River Books pages are marked with a wing. We hope you will enjoy your visit and these offerings from Dartmoor.

PLEASE NOTE: We have now reached our final posting day before the seasonal holiday for both UK and international orders. Our office will be closed from December 21 until January 3, when all waiting orders will be sent out. Many thanks and blessings to your winter, Nigel and Carolyn

Latest News from Seventh Wave Music

New thatch for the Dartmoor roundhouse

The Dartmoor roundhouse has been standing at Lower Merripit Farm, in the heart of the moor, since 2002. By the end of the winter, 2021, it was in need of a new coat of thatch, the third roof since it was built.

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Wild Litany

Carolyn’s new publication is a beautifully-produced and comprehensive archive of 200 songs and chants, with music notations and colour photos.

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This Place Of Herons

Double album compilation of Carolyn’s early and vintage albums including some her best loved and most well-travelled songs and chants.

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Her Bone Bundle

This unique book of words, curated and woven by Carolyn Hillyer, is a lyrical exploration into the mythic spirit of the 4000-year-old Proto-Celtic ancestral mother tongue and her imaginative re-awakening

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Nine Prayers North

Our most recent album Nine Prayers North continues to sit at the heart of our online concerts and we will be travelling with it again next year. You can find more details under new releases.

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Book of Hag & Shawl of Feathers

As the year turns out of the cave of winter, there are still cold nights and icy days ahead in which to explore this collection of crones and grandmothers: Book of Hag / Winter Folded Everything Inside a Shawl of Feathers.

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Weavers’ Oracle

The Weavers’ Oracle, now in its seventh edition, continues to travel far around the world. Also now available with German or Russian translation .

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