We welcome you to the hearth fire of our Dartmoor roundhouse and to the Seventh Wave Music website. We are musicians and artists who live and work amid heather hills and moors, upland streams and misted valleys. We create music albums and concerts, paintings and prints, traditional flutes and drums, books, women’s workshop journeys, instrument making weekends, gentle festivals and wild sanctuary on our ancient farm. Here beside our hearth stones you can listen to audio samples from our CDs and downloads, find out about workshops, explore the archive of images from past projects and events, or wander around our recent releases and publications. Enjoy your visit!

  • Winter Light Concerts

    A season of magical yuletide concerts with Carolyn and Nigel A concert to honour sacred land, wild weather and the ancestral soul. Flutes for the frosted mornings Songs for the Read More >>>
  • Global – Glastonbury

    A very special high energy concert for the end of 2018 at the King Arthur in Glastonbury. Uplifting dance, tribal rhythms, soul-filled melodies and electronica featuring music from the classic Read More >>>
  • Book of Hag and Shawl of Feathers

    As the year begins to touch the autumn chill, time is ripe for exploring Carolyn's new work: the first volume of her series, BOOK OF HAG, plus a double album collection of mystical tales, and ancient chants sung in the Bronze Age proto-Celtic tongue, WINTER FOLDED EVERYTHING INSIDE A SHAWL OF FEATHERS. Read More >>>
  • Songways of Dartmoor

    Travelling the Ancient Trails with Music and Pack Ponies. In June, fifty singing women plus wayfaring musicians and supporters walked a special pilgrimage of fourteen miles across the north of Dartmoor, accompanied by three Dartmoor pack ponies and carrying offerings of music and song to the land. Click this link to watch our SONGWAYS OF DARTMOOR film. Read More >>>
  • FLOW ≈

    FLOW ≈ is Nigel's beautiful newest recording, an improvised album of graceful and spacious music designed for healing journeys and peaceful contemplation. He will be performing this music as part of our RIVER & MOON event on Dartmoor this summer. Read More >>>
  • Weavers’ Oracle

    The WEAVERS' ORACLE has entered its third edition; thank you to everyone for supporting this publication so enthusiastically! We now have a translation in German, with Slovak and Russian translations due to follow by the end of this year. For more information please go to the books page. Read More >>>
  • Global Live – new album and video

    Announcing a new live album from Global recorded at last years Kozfest. Featuring Nigel Shaw (keyboards, flute and percussion) Brian Abbott (guitar and gliss guitar) Shaun Farrenden (didge) with special Read More >>>