Sacred World Music Festival on Dartmoor

For Rivenstone Festival 2007 we were blessed with one of the first warm and bright weekends of the summer and a truly glorious full moon. Performers from all over the planet arrived on Dartmoor to share their extraordinary music and culture. A series of intensive workshops took place on the final day for people who wished to journey deeper into these ancient traditions. The event raised over £800 for Survival International from donations and sales. Sadly totem pole carver Ralph Stocker and his group of Haida Island tribal dancers from the Pacific West Coast did not reach Rivenstone due to their car and belongings being stolen en route, but generous donations from the Rivenstone audience and musicians, plus other fundraising activities, meant we were able to send over £1000 towards their losses as well as many gifts and messages of support. These photos were taken during Rivenstone 2007 – with thanks to Chris Chapman, Sue Murphy and Clare & Matt Tinnyunt.

Below is a sliding photo gallery – click on the first square image to open the slide show and to view the images in full.

Photo Gallery - Saturday 25th August

Sunday 26th August

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