Paintings by Carolyn Hillyer

A series of paintings created to catch the dynamic change of seasons, the ebb and flow of landscape, all held within the forms of ancient ragged dancing women. They were created over two years, each one painted only during the season through which she dances, her skirt made from a range of organic and woven materials (herbs, bark, seeds, grasses, dried fungi, nests, bones, antler, hoof, feathers, plant fibres, misted spider webs, dragonfly wings, carved wood, snow melted onto holly…) to hold and store the many elements of magic that are found across wild land. Beneath their skirts are painted the hidden totems and symbols of these spirit women. They are aligned to the eight ancient festivals of the year.

The album WEATHERED EDGE contains the songs that accompany this series of paintings.The original paintings were painted 2002-2004 and are 6 ft/180 cms high x 2 ft/60 cms wide, acrylic on board plus many textiles and organic materials. They were exhibited as installations during 2004-2005 and sometimes appear within mixed collections of paintings. The prints are on A4 (31×21 cms) heavy art card. On the prints, these images include the text that accompanies each painting. Click onto any print to view the full description.