CLOUD the Visioner

by Carolyn Hillyer

Dancer for midsummer. She holds the unfolding story of the year as drifting thoughts fanned by her wing made of a thousand eyes. She is constantly elusive and yet somehow constant. Her dance is a dream, a finely beaded pattern of promise and desire. She dances where subtle form is created momentarily, drawn in by rings of stone or ever-changing whim or the dragonfly that skits through the first evening perfumes of Midsummer.


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Price: £7.00

Additional Information

The original was painted 2002-2004 and are 6 ft/180 cms high x 2 ft/60 cms wide,
acryllic on board plus many textiles and organic materials.
Exhibited in installations during 2004-2010.
The print is on A4 (31×21 cms) heavy art card.