You will receive an email confirmation of your order within a few minutes of completing the transaction and this will contain the link to your download. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder. The link takes you to a zip file – click this to begin your download. You will need to be logged into your account on our website to download your file. If you are having problems finding your album once you have completed the download, please check your downloads folder by going to to view/show downloads or click the downloads arrow top right of your screen. If your download stops half way through this may be to do with download limits or network problems. Try using a different browser or, if you continue to have a problem, ask your internet service provider about bandwidth issues. You will be able to try downloading your order five times; after that if you have not been successful you will need to contact us to give you further access to your album. All of our downloads work on Apple devices as well as all PC and other phone/tablet platforms. However there are some issues with downloading directly onto an iPhone or iPad. This is because Apple do not make it easy for users to access independent downloads that are not purchased from iTunes. The easiest way to resolve this is to download your music onto a desktop or laptop first, and then transfer to your preferred device. If you do not have access to a desktop, you can install an app to enable you to receive and manage your downloads. For iPad we suggest Downloads Lite plus the iZip app to unzip files.

Here are the links you need: Downloads Lite and iZip app. Please contact us by email if you still require help.

Your order will be sent out within 1-2 days of it reaching us, unless we are away from the office on a concert tour or other trip. Thank you for your patience – there are just our two pairs of hands working with packing and dispatching! Most UK orders are sent first class with Royal Mail except for musical instruments, which are sent by special delivery. Outside of the UK all music albums are dispatch by international standard delivery, which is not tracked. All books are sent by international tracked and signed delivery. All parcels over 2kgs are sent by UPS or another courier and can be tracked. Sometimes there are delays within the Canadian or USA customs arrival halls and during that time we are not able to provide tracking for your parcel. Once the customs authorities have cleared the package then the tracking resumes. We sometimes have problems with parcels arriving to apartment buildings in Russia or South America when the recipient does not receive notification of the package arriving, does not collect it and it is eventually returned to us; for these countries we advise you to collect your tracking details from us and closely watch the progress of your delivery. Please contact us within 1-2 weeks if your parcel does not reach a destination outside of the UK.

We try to ensure that the venues in which we play have full accessibility for wheelchairs. You can check with the venue for information about parking close by. For concerts on our farm please be aware that the venue will be a marquee but this is very near to the parking area and we always arrange reserved parking spaces for those who have mobility or illness issues. Access to the ritual or exhibition areas, including the roundhouse, is across uneven but fairly level ground. Most of these can be reached with a walking frame or with supported use of a regular wheelchair. We provide access to the ground floor toilet in our guest cottage for those who request this; please note that this is too small to fit a wheelchair so may require supported access. Please let us know if you have hearing issues as we can reserve front row seats for you and your friends/family, or a place near the speakers where you will be able to feel the music vibrations.

We offer refunds on all physical online purchases provided the item is returned to us unopened and in pristine condition. If you have received an order that is damaged we will replace it as soon as we receive your return. We do not give refunds for concert tickets; this is the customary practice for music events and festivals. We apply a clear and carefully thought out cancellation policy regarding workshop fees so please make sure you read that before booking your place.

Please also read our Customer Rights page for more information.

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