Celebrating the Ancient Spirit of Wild Land

Once again the Rivenstone Festival was a great success despite some August rains and sporadic power cuts. The quality and diversity of the workshops was the best yet; new skills were learned and beautiful craftwork created. The music programme was more extensive than previous events here and included some of the best bands on the alternative festival circuit; highlights included performances by Michael Ormiston, Seize the Day, Domenic and Vince Decicco (Praying for the Rain), as well as Mark Robson (Kangaroo Moon), Misericordia, Madrum, Shaun Farrenden, Brian Abbott & Jackie Juno, Scott Jasper & Sue Garlick, Carol Asuray and the fire show team. Thank you all for your wonderful and spirited performances. Thanks also to all the workshop leaders for their patient and generous teaching of ancient skills; the Chai Shop for heart-warming food; Jay Bosisto, Terry Larter and all our hard-working crew; Steve Teers for photos (see below); John Mead for DVD recording; Brian Abbott for helping with sound; and everyone who came to enter into the ancient spirit of this wild land.

Below is a sliding photo gallery – click on the first square image to open the slide show and to view the images in full.

Photo Gallery

All photos by Steve Teers www.divapix.co.uk

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