The Global Collective is a new dance music project by Nigel Shaw, featuring Nigel, Carolyn Hillyer, Bethan Lloyd, Isaac Ray, Jodie White and Ric Hollingbery. This band is a new branch of the Global vintage dance music family! It features a diverse lineup of performers, which may include all those named above, plus special guests. The music carries the energy and tradition of Global’s wild shamanic trance dance, into a reimagined acoustic world music mix.

Nigel: synths, percussion and flutes
Carolyn: vocals, drum, lyrics
Bethan: vocal and lyrics
Isaac: synths and drum machines
Jodie: drums and percussion
Ric: violin

We are performing at festivals this summer including Glastonbury Festival, Green Gathering and Medicine Festival with other dates to be confirmed.

New music is being recorded at the moment and is due for release over the summer. But in the meantime there is a new EP

GLOBAL : Hope/Rebellion with Nigel, Brian Abbott (guuitar), Shaun Farrenden (didge), Carolyn and guest vocalist, Bethan Lloyd. This our first new Global recordings for over 20 years. A windstorm of shamanic trance dance and hypnotic techno/dub groove.

Available as a download now. Go to the Hope Rebellion page.

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