Carolyn Hillyer

The first album recorded by Carolyn in 1992 and still widely cherished. Raw earthy chants entwined with sweet, more complex melodies as she began the journey of finding and defining her song voice.

Only available as a download.

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This was the first album recorded and released by Carolyn, and still widely cherished. It features the songs and chants that emerged as she worked on her early paintings of goddess archetypes and mythic women, including the very first song she wrote, Tread Gently on the Earth (1984) now sung around the planet. Raw earthy chants were entwined with sweet, more complex melodies as she began the journey of finding and defining her song voice and working with her first drum. Some of these songs now sit at the core of many women’s ceremonies, dance circles and festival fires.

SONGS: House of the Weavers, Turquoise Lady, Night Woman, Magdalene, A Sister’s Passion, Jaguar, Rise of the Corn, Secret Stream, Sacred Marriage, Egypt Dust, Rising Dawn, Tread Gently.

Album length: 47 minutes. Released in 1992. Album download only.

New album…


We are compiling a special collection of vintage songs sourced from Carolyn’s first four albums, revisited and newly recorded by her as she enters her seventh decade. HOUSE OF THE WEAVERS (1992) and HERON VALLEY (1993) marked the start of her journey with song and drum; together with GRANDMOTHER TURTLE (1994) and OLD SILVERHEAD (1998) they have become classic albums of women’s music. Most of these songs were originally recorded on reel-to-reel tape in a tiny garden-shed studio; all of them continue to be performed, shared and adapted many times for concerts, choirs, ceremonies and circles around the world. This album will include 16 of her best loved and most well-travelled early songs and chants, newly interpreted and freshly presented.

HOUSE OF THE WEAVERS will continue to be available in its original version as an individual album download.

THIS PLACE OF HERONS was released winter 2019.