Nigel Shaw

This beautifully presented double CD pack, which began the Dartmoor trilogy, consists of one album of gentle and flowing melodies inspired by the river’s journey, and a second album of the pure recorded sounds of nature gathered from the moors.

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Dartmoor Symphony, Dartmoor Roundhouse and Dartmoor Journey form a trilogy of compositions that draw direct and profound inspiration from the Dartmoor landscape. Nigel created this work with three key elements at its heart: his handcrafted wooden flutes all sourced from Dartmoor native trees, the ceremonial ancestor roundhouse we designed and built on our hill farm, and the ebb and flow of seasons, wild weather and the life-death-regeneration of nature that has permeated his experience of living and working in the centre of the moors. The trilogy project was a long time in the dreaming and preparation; it has been part of Nigel’s ever-deepening, ever-expanding prayer for the land which has become his home, his muse and his sanctuary.

The beautifully presented double CD package which began the Dartmoor trilogy consists of one album of gentle and flowing instrumental melodies inspired by the river’s journey and a second album of the pure sounds of nature recorded from the moors.

CD1 DARTMOOR JOURNEY is a musical experience created from a blend of natural sounds with gently voiced handcrafted flutes, brightly clear rosewood recorders, deeply resonant Slovakian fujara and gracefully melodic traditional whistles. This is a simple and tender reflection on the heart of the natural landscape as experienced in the journey of a river.

TRACKS: Wind Through the Reeds, Two Rivers, The Cry of the Dart.
Album length: 64 minutes

CD2 DARTMOOR: THE SOURCE is spun together from the natural sound recordings made by Nigel over a period of 15 years. Moving from windswept high moorland to rich wooded valleys, this album follows the River Dart from its source to the outer edge of the Dartmoor hills. The calls of buzzard, skylark and heron are interlaced with the sounds of streams, rivers and waterfalls, all layered like a composition of musical instruments as they guide the listener across this ancient and tranquil landscape.

LOCATIONS: High Dartmoor, East Dart & West Dart, Deep Dart Valley.
Album length: 47 minutes

Released in 2004.