This album was recorded live and improvised over four winter days and nights to create a powerful meditational music landscape. A soul journey formed by voices alone, interwoven in complex layers but without words, and giving form to the song of primordial mothers.

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A Soul Journey for Women

A potent and profound journey into the Cave, an intimate underworld and hidden territory of the soul. A sacred meditation, a raw act of magic. The journey inwards and the journey of return are formed by voices alone, but without words; many voices interwoven in complex layers that give form and song to the ancient Elders, primordial mothers who carry us down through the chambers of the Cave, then guide us back up towards the moonlit world.


This album was recorded live and improvised over four days and nights during the winter. The result is a powerful meditational music landscape that is quite unlike anything else Carolyn has recorded. Used as a journeying tool and prayer vessel in many of Carolyn’s workshops and shrine installations.


TRACKS: BLOOD (the journey inward), BONE (the descent), ASH (a distant place), the Cave Beyond the Cave, NIGHT (the rising), MOON (the journey of return).


Album length: 60 minutes

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