A Wild Prayer for Autumn


September 2 Wednesday 8.00pm – 9.30pm (BST)

We will be stepping towards the edge of autumn with this ceremonial concert, played inside the ancestral roundhouse at our farm. After the jubilation and celebration of our Beltane and Midsummer concerts, we now want to offer you something more softly held, reverentially created within the ancient stone and oak vessel of this shrine place, fed by the mists and webs of the marshes that surround it, anchored into the dark soil that holds it, infused by the sweet wood smoke that coils into the thatch. We invite you to join us in the shaping of a prayer for the autumn: a gratitude, a lament, a blessing and a future vision. We invite you to help us plant a dream into the earth that will carry all of us with strength and trust towards the coming winter. We invite you to sit with us inside the music and the song, to feel the deep summoning of drums and the expansive wings of flutes as this autumn prayer is woven. Bring your candle or your firelight, bring your voice and drum and rattle, bring your silence and your wild anticipation; dear friends, you are welcome…

This concert is being freely offered and may be found through our website and YouTube channel

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