A unique limited-edition Thirteen Moons Festival unbleached calico long-handled carrying bag.  All profits to the Sister Fund supporting women’s projects and campaigns. £5 (including UK postage & VAT)  In stock again.


Price: £5.00

Additional Information

To celebrate the Thirteen Moons Womern Festival and to raise money for our Sister Fund that supports women’s projects and campaigns) we created a beautiful and simple carrying bag! Made of unbleached calico with a gusset and long handles, the bag measures 43cm x 42cm. All profits go to the fund, which distributed over £2000 last year, primarily to a Bedouin women’s project and to help support a Nepalese woman artist whose home and studio were destroyed in the recent earthquake. Treat yourself or buy one for your sisters! Price: £5 (including UK postage & VAT)


The design incorporates these words printed in red ochre:


We come together to weave
because if we do not
then threads will drift and cloth will fray,
and the fabric of lives will thin out to rags.
We come together to bind and mend and add colour
because if we do not
how will the cloth make us strong,
how will it draw us in and bring us home?
We come together to ply earth and land,
darkness and memory, stories of life and bright days
because if we do not
then how will we know the pattern of our journey,
how will we remember what has been
and what is to come?


ThirteenMoons Bhutan

Thirteen Moons bag in Bhutan
(with thanks to Jade)