Songs born of earth and stone combined with instrumental melodies carried by wind and river, inspired by the high hills and neolithic landscape of the wild moors, and created as a tribute to the ancient clans who once dwelled there. Using many traditional  instruments crafted from reed, clay, wood, hide and bone.

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The Amber and Copper people, ancient clans of the wild moors, dwelled above the valleys, built with stone and worked with bone. They sang to the wonder of life and their footsteps fitted close to the earth. They were wed to the very soul of the land. Created as a double album project, this work was recorded at the same time as the instrumental music, Echoes of the Ancient Forest, both intended as a tribute to the high moorland hills and neolithic ancestral landscape that became our home.


Inspired by an ever deepening respect for the spirit of this place and drawing on the ancient memory held within its granite heart, we aimed to combine songs born of earth and stone with instrumental melodies carried by wind and river. We used many traditional handcrafted instruments including reed pipes, triple clay flute, herding whistle, pot drum and bone rattles.


TRACKS: Walking as Before, Where the Buzzard Flies, Hearthstone Song, Beyond the Waterfall, Old Valley, Wedding Song, Amber and Copper, Loom Song, Bird Clan Dance, Berridraun, Lament for the Beloved, Cold Earth Home, Song for the Dead, Leaving.


MP3 album length: 76 minutes

Also available as a CD. See Music CD page