LICHEN Weaver of Wild Hills

by Carolyn Hillyer

She is also known as the Weathered Edge and her totems are wild mare and salmon. Her work is the weaving of wild hills and with it the weaving of freedom and untamed spaces; the turning of seasons and strength in the quiet magic of the changing landscape; strange and uncertain edges where all possibilities are held and all boundaries are dissolved.


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Price: £20.00

Additional Information

STANDARD PRINT made on 300gms art card, unmounted, cellophane wrapped, print titled.
original painting size: 1500 x 1200 cms (5’x4′)
plus loom cloth 1500 x 1200 cms (5’x4′)
print size: 20 cms x 38 cms (excluding border)
Please note this image is spiral watermarked only for web display purposes.