A very special collection of recordings featuring three internationally renowned flute players from Dartmoor, California and Japan.  A unity of spirit and true sense of brotherhood is evoked as they move between gentle flute pieces, traditional Shinto and native Mexican prayers, and powerful drumming chants.

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A rare and very special collection of recordings featuring three internationally renowned musicians Nigel Shaw (Dartmoor), Guillermo Martinez (Tarascan tribe, master flute maker from California who made many of the drums, flutes and rattles used on this album) and Hiroki Okano (the most widely respected ambient composer in Japan and international peace campaigner). Meeting on Dartmoor to record together for the first time, the
resulting music evoked a unity of spirit, a sound that wove together cultures and a true sense of brotherhood as they moved between gentle flute pieces, traditional Buddhist and native Mexican prayers and powerful drumming chants. This music is enriched by the diversity of ancient sounds from their many traditional instruments and the understanding that in essence we all sing the same songs.


Instruments include: Native American flute, Irish whistle, bamboo flute, guitar, samisen (Japanese lute), frame drums, djembe, traditional rattles and voices. Guest musicians: Domenic DeCicco (Praying for the Rain) vocals and guitar; Shaun Farrenden (Riven/Global) Tibetan Horn; Carolyn Hillyer vocals.


TRACKS: Traveller’s Song, Bamboo Cedar Oak, Pacific Atlantic, Spirals, Between Brothers, Round Dance, Mother’s Song, Father’s Song, Yumari, Wisdom Prayer, The Circle.


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Also available as a CD. See Music CD page