Created by CEDAR SHAW
Featuring work by Nina Nordvall Vahlberg, Gun Hofgaard & Carolyn Hillyer

This special Arctic Winter Bundle contains: album of Sámi yoik songs, ceremonial Arctic bear item, photographic book, mounted print, postcards and winter tale, all packed into a beautiful brown craft card box. Update December 10: out of the ten bundles created we have only four still available.

Price: £70 including UK p&p; additional postage is charged at the checkout for orders from outside the UK. The contents of the bundle are valued at £80 plus postage.

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Every winter we aim to create and offer a special winter bundle that contains elements of the cold lands and the ancestry of ice, gathered into images, songs, stories and special hand-crafted items. This winter Cedar has drawn on the Arctic-Dartmoor events that she organised in the autumn to put together a beautiful box of winter magic, complied from her own work as well as that of Nina Norvall Vahlberg, Gun Hofgaard and Carolyn Hillyer. We have only ten of these bundles available – they are limited to the number of bear totems that we have from the Arctic. Each winter bundle contains:

THE REINDEER ROAD – photographic hardback book of images from the Siberian tundra taken during the Nadym Nenets and Khanti Peoples’ Reindeer Festival – Cedar Shaw

TUNDRA MOUNTED PRINT – photo image from the Reindeer Road book, 10 x 12 inches – Cedar Shaw

TUNDRA POSTCARDS – set of four photo images from the Siberian tundra – Cedar Shaw

CEREMONIAL BEAR FAT BALM or SOAP – traditional Arctic recipe for ceremonial ingredients using brown bear fat from Sámi community. You will receive either a piece of bear soap or a small pot of bear balm. For use in prayer, healing or ritual – Gun Hofgaard, Arctic drum maker and craftswoman

ALBUM OF SÁMI YOIK SONGS – traditional and original songs from the Arctic using yoiking traditions – Nina Norvall Vahlberg, Sámi musician and cultural teacher

MOONING THE BEAR – a story for deep winter hibernation, printed onto brown craft paper, from her Book of Hag – Carolyn Hillyer, Dartmoor musician and writer

The Arctic Winter Bundle is packed into a beautiful brown craft card box and ready to be given as a gift or to be woven into your own winter journey. The contents of the bundle are valued at £80 plus £5.50 postage – we are offering these boxes for £70 including UK postage. Additional postage will be charged at the check out for orders from outside the UK.