SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL : this site features the work of this brilliant charity, which works to protect the land rights of tribal peoples all over the world, including nomadic tribes in the Siberian Arctic, the Kalahari Bushmen and many other urgent campaigns.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL UK : links to UK branch of the international human rights organisation, including the worldwide campaign to combat violence against women.

GREENPEACE UK : international campaign group highlighting environmental and climate change issues.

FREE TIBET CAMPAIGN : campaigning on behalf of the Tibetan people in the fight to regain their independant homeland.


Here are links to some of the musicians who have shared their work at our festivals and events.

SEIZE THE DAY : frontline campaigning folk band featuring Shannon Smy and Theo Simon.

DRAGONFLY : Celtic/Eastern Fusion band fronted by musician and vocalist Maya Preece.

KATE FLETCHER & CORWEN BROCH : musicians, ancient instrument makers and co-creators of the traditional winter Bear Feast.

DAUGHTERS OF ELVIN : featuring Katy Marchant and Steve Tyler who perform ancient, early and medieval music.

BRIAN ABBOTT :  guitarist who has played with us in a variety of band line-ups for over 20 years, including Global, Riven and The Exile Project.

HIROKI OKANO / TENKOO ORCHESTRA :  renowned Japanese composer, musician, teacher and international peace campaigner.

PRAYING FOR THE RAIN : featuring the band of Domenic and Vincent Decicco with information including albums and concert list.

EVENTIDE MUSIC : beautiful and ambient keyboard music composed by Kevin Kendle.

KANGAROO MOON : celtic/space rock/world music band that has been a long-time favourite of the festival circuit.

MARK ABDEY : musician, photographer and artist who’s work is inspired by Dartmoor.

ADRIAN FREEDMAN : master Shakuhachi player based in Devon


CHRIS CHAPMAN : documentary photographer of Dartmoor for nearly 40 years. Also film maker who created the images for Dartmoor Symphony.

EARTH PATHWAYS DIARY : beautiful annual publication with work by UK artists and writers inspired by the spirit of earth, seasons and ancient mythology.

GUILLERMO MARTINEZ : home of Quetzalcoatl Music and master instrument-maker. Guillermo is also part of the flute brotherhood Bamboo Cedar Oak.

ANCIENT MUSIC : musicians Corwen Broch and Kate Fletcher create high quality traditional instruments including bone flutes and Shetland gue.

NATIVE FLUTES UK : a site that links together many British flute makers.

SECOND VOICE FLUTES : Native American flutes made by David Cartwright from cedar and indigenous woods.

DAVE SHAW : maker of wonderful traditional irish whistles and Northumbrian bagpipes.

FUJARA : the best web site for fujara Eastern European overtone flutes.

GUN HOFGAARD : Arctic Swedish artist and craftswoman who makes beautiful handcrafts including Sami-style skin drums.

WOODWRIGHT DESIGNS : excellent woodscraftsman by Sean Hellman including furniture, photography and much more.

HAYZEE : good web site with extensive list of music instrument makers.

MARTIN DOYLE : highest quality handmade Irish flutes.

HOWARD MUSIC : now celebrating 40 years of the famous Howard Low D whistle – beautful, professional instruments.


CAE MABON : retreat centre and eco buildings including Iron Age roundhouse in North Wales.


GLASTONBURY GODDESS CONFERENCE : annual international event featuring talks, workshops, performances, exhibitions and ceremonies.


SACRED HOOP MAGAZINE : online magazine for the shamanic community.

ALTERNATIVES : an organisation seeking to inspire new visions for living with details of events at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, London.


RUNNAGE CAMPING BARNS : beautiful riverside camping and bunk barns in the Postbridge area.

POWDERMILLS POTTERY : run by Dartmoor potter Joss Hibbs producing beautiful earthware craft and also selling work by other local artists. Postbridge area.

PRINCETOWN BREWERIES : home of the famous Jail Ale and Dartmoor Legend!

ANTON COAKER ; timber yard with English hardwoods sourced on or around Dartmoor, especially good for craft workers.

THE DARTMOOR SOCIETY :  independent organisation dedicated to sharing information and promoting the well-being of Dartmoor and its communities.

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