We Remember All Our Wisdom



A unique presentation created to celebrate the harvest, recorded within a few hours of mowing the meadow hay on our hill farm.  Carolyn presents a special weave of new, recent and vintage songs gathered from over thirty years of music created for women’s sacred journeys and for the blessed earth. This concert was filmed beneath our ancient grandmother beech and includes drum chants with which to join in and songs sung in the ancient bronze-age mother language of these islands. There is even the chance to join in through the ethers with the harmonies! Carolyn shares mythic stories from published and newly written work, including a story from the second BOOK OF HAG (still in the early writing stage). You are invited to sit with this concert, bringing perhaps a candle or other small flame so we may weave our end-of-summer hearth fires together while the songs are shared.

You can find the concert here: Kommano Kwakwo Witsu This is being freely offered but we have added a donation button link in case you want to place something into our busking pot!

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