Handcrafted from English woods by NIGEL SHAW

These traditional wooden flutes are individually hand-carved from various native woods. Most of the wood comes from Dartmoor, some of it cut by Nigel from fallen trees on our own land or close by, some of it sourced from a traditional family-run hill farm and timber mill on the moors. The instruments are based on an original Native American design which Nigel has adapted and developed into a flute that plays the songs of these islands and this ancient landscape. Each flute is uniquely shaped, carefully tuned to a particular key and accompanied by a finger chart and instructions to help you play using either the primary (or pentatonic) six-hole scale or the expanded six-hole scale. The flutes are made to commission and can be created to your own specification. They are made in the flute shed at our farm, where Nigel also teaches flute making both to groups and to individuals. Availability of the wood from which the flute is carved will vary but the types we generally offer include: oak, ash, silver birch, yew, alder, hazel, cherry, rowan, hornbeam, beech, lacewood (london plane), holly, walnut and scots pine. Some examples may be seen below. Prices start from £130 for a small flute, up to £220-£250 for a double-barrelled drone flute. All prices are plus postage and VAT @20%. Please contact Nigel for more information – email Seventh Wave Music

Yew Holly
Yew in key F# £150 sold Holly in A £150 sold
Yew drone
Ash in E £175 sold Yew Drone in G £200 sold
Birch Cherry
Birch in F# £140 sold
Cherry in F# £150 sold
Sycamore Oak
Sycamore in G £150 sold Oak in G £150 sold



























We are able to order flutes made by Native American master flute-maker Guillermo Martinez in California, who makes some of the finest flutes in the USA. Prices range from Alaskan yellow cedar flute in E (large size) @ £150 to Western red cedar flute in A (small size) @ £125, both plus post and 20% VAT.

To see more of Guillermo’s flutes you can visit his website at Quetzalcoatl Music.