We are grateful and very glad to be travelling out from Dartmoor again with some concerts to catch the warmth of autumn’s gold and the taste of winter’s edge. We begin this small tour in Penzance followed by concerts in London, Glastonbury and Dartmoor, where we will bring you a magical infusion of ancient instruments (including our hand-crafted forest flutes and wild drums), soul-filled melodies, songs of sacred land and ancestral soul, vibrant rhythms and a few mythic tales. We will be performing from recent albums (Nine Prayers North, Flow, Bones and Winter Folded Everything Inside a Shawl of Feathers) and some newly created work, including songs in the ancient proto-Celtic Bronze Age language. We hope you will be able to join us for this celebration of the season and honouring of the winter journey.

More information and tickets are now available on our events page.

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