From Carolyn Hillyer & Nigel Shaw

Dear friends,

Spring greetings to you! We are writing with information about new work that we have been creating during our recent winter hibernation, as well as details about our first concerts of the year, beginning in May near Tewkesbury and in Birmingham . We would also like to give you the gift of a song for the spring (see below to find that).

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Nigel’s classic and much-loved album THE RIVER. We will be celebrating this by releasing a special edition with new cover, more sleeve notes and other extras. Nigel has also been composing a beautiful companion album to The River; FLOW blends exquisite and gentle improvisations on flute with other instruments including piano, voices, melodic hang drum and cello. Both of these titles will be available to order from the beginning of May.

Carolyn has just completed writing the first of four volumes in her new project called BOOK OF HAG; she is now working on the illustrations for this, her first return to pencil colour drawings in nearly 30 years! This first book in the series will be published later in the year. Early summer also sees the release of her first spoken word album, COPPER TALES: A Burnished Hoard, a compilation of mystic stories with added drum, flute and crone chorus!

On our website there is a growing programme of events, concerts and workshops for the coming year; please go to our events page for more information. We are holding DARTMOOR DRUM AND FOREST FLUTE making workshops in May and September; most places are now filled but there are still spaces on the autumn drum making if you are interested. In April Carolyn begins monthly WILDSONG SESSIONS: Singing for Spellbinding Sisters on Wednesday evenings at our local Dartmoor village hall; please click here for more information.

We are publishing a brand new catalogue this spring as well as a printed version of our programme of events. If you would like to receive by post please email a request.

with love from Dartmoor,
Nigel and Carolyn





A gift for your spring…

There’s a maiden coming in
moving down through Heron Valley
see the maiden coming in
wearing spring in her hair.
ilver by the pool

naked in the clear air
tall against the birch

dancer on the damp earth.

She’s the catcher of the breeze
she’s the lover of the pale sun
she’s the footstep on the moss
she’s the laughter of the quick stream.
Silver by the pool…

Beneath the lace of winter wood
she throws out her arms and she sings
calling birds behind her
that bring summer on their wings.
Silver by the pool…

Through soft shades and glistening haze
swift she trails her gown of green
her sweet kiss, the rising sap
and her warm hand awakening
Silver by the pool…

There’s a maiden coming in
moving down through Heron Valley
see the maiden coming in
wearing spring in her hair…