Autumn and Winter concert tickets available
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Concerts tickets are now available for our Autumn and Winter concerts. Go to the Events page for booking. Tickets will be sent out as soon as they are printed.

We are offering a series of four concerts towards the end of this year, travelling to the Scottish Highlands, London, the craggy fringes of Cornwall and finally to Dartmoor. These evenings of music and song will honour the harvests that we each gather to our winter hearths, the approaching wild mystery of the dark months and the brilliant illuminations of frost and fire. We will be sharing music from new and recent work, including FLOW, COPPER TALES, THE RIVER (anniversary celebration) and BONES; creating a weaving of sound and song with gently meditative instrumentals and wildly energetic chants, plus blessings to the waters of the land in both their flow and their freeze. We warmly invite you to join us!